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With the spread of ESG investment, the realization of a decarbonized society, and the achievement of the SDGs, the trend toward "wood use" and "wood change" is increasing in all aspects of life. As the use of wood continues to advance, the utilization of wooden materials in urban environment (usage of wood and wooden materials for non-residential, medium-to-high-rise, and large buildings in urban areas), which has an impact of an order of magnitude in terms of economic benefits, social roles, and wood demand, is attracting attention as a major step toward revitalization of the forest industry including forestry and regional revitalization.。

Seizing the strong interest in the market as a commercial opportunity, we will hold the FORESTROPOLITAN exhibition (Urban Wood Technology Exhibition) for the first time to further promote urban wood technologies, which strongly moves the cycle of "cutting, using, planting, and growing trees".

The exhibition will allow interested parties and target audiences to experience various products, technologies, and services related to urban lumbering, and will create business opportunities through the possibility of business negotiations and exchanges. The seminars will be held together with the exhibition to lay out themes to foster awareness of the introduction of the technologies and establish a foothold for their implementation and popularization. We hope that you will consider participating in the exhibition for the purpose of promoting your technology, promoting sales, and further market development.


The term was coined by combining the words "Forest" and "Metropolitan". The former expresses the concept of forest industry (forest business) that encompasses everything from upstream forestry to midstream forestry and downstream lumber use, all of which share forest resources as their common foundation. The latter means capital city, metropolitan city, or urban area. Two words are combined to form the title in hopes of promoting urban wood technology as a trigger for the revitalization of the forest industry as a whole, including forestry, which is the heart of the industry.

General Information

Exhibition Name FORESTROPOLITAN 2024
Dates September 18 (Wed) - September 20 (Fri), 2024 10:00-17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall
Organizer Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Entrance fee Free (Invitation tickets or online registration required)
Planning Partner Sustainable Forest Association
Concurrent Exhibition


Exhibition to promote the use of new technology to revitalize the forest industry
OrganizerSankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.

Exhibitors Categories

General contractors
Architect and design offices
Lumber trading companies and wholesalers屋
Designers (interior/exterior)
Construction consultants
Legal experts
Fire prevention technology
Strength and seismic technology
Engineering companies
Construction material manufacturers
Construction companies
Equipment (interior and exterior)
Lumber procurement solutions
Structural design and calculation
Structural materials
Various components (interior and exterior materials, facade)
Construction methods
Laminated wood, CLT, LVL, plywood
Bonding materials Sustainable construction materials
CCO2 visualization
Human resource development
Supply chain management and other stakeholders
 involved in urban wood technologies

Target Visitors

Developers, building owners, real estate companies
Architect and design offices
Construction managers
Designers (interior/exterior))
House makers
Urban planners
Material procurement and purchasing
Building and other material manufacturers,construction companies (interior and exterior equipment)
Facility owners
Commercial facilities and stores
Central government and local governments
Financial institutions
Forestry management entities (forestry cooperatives, material producers)
Forest and mountain owners
Academic and research institutions
Industry associations
Lumber trading companies and wholesalers
Corporate ESG division
Corporate SDGs division
Corporate CSR division
Corporate sustainability divisions and other stakeholders
 involved in urban wood technologies

Exhibition Guide

Application Deadline: April 30 (Tue), 2024

Booth Type
Booth Type

Booth standard
1 booth unit=9m²
>(width 3m × depth 3m × height 2.7m)

※Rear and side walls only, corner booths have only one side wall

Exhibition fees
429,000 yen (including tax)/unit

Booth unit layout
height limits

1 ‒ 3 booth unit(s) Linear booth type only. Height: up to 2.7m (However, up to 4m with a 1m setback from the aisles and the side and rear walls)
4 booth units Linear booth or Peninsula booth type available. Height: up to 4m
5 booth units Linear booth type only. Height: up to 4m
6 booth units or over Island type only. Height: up to 5m
※Please contact the organizer If you prefer linear booth type.

※Please contact the organizer for exhibits that exceed specified height. Please note that it is not possible to display company signs and logos exceeding the maximum height limit.

Package decorationA package plan for easy booth unit decoration.

*Please apply for package decorations from the exhibitor manual which will be sent around July.
*Contact the organizer if you require 2 booth units or more.。

Package decoration

Booth standard
((width 3m × depth 3m × height 2.7m)

decoration cost
Exhibition fees + 121,000yen(including tax)


※Corner booths have only one side wall. The company name can only bedisplayed on the front.

For 1 booth unit
System Wall Panel (Octanorm system, white) / Fascia board (white) / Reception counter / Carpet (blue, dark red, gray or green) / LED fluorescent lamp 20W x 1 / LED spotlight 15W x 2 / Folding chair x 1 / Business card holder x 1 / Company name display / Wiring cost and Electric rates ×1kW / Outlet x 1

Schedule(as planned)

April 30, 2024 (Tue)
Exhibition Application Deadline.
Sending of Invoice for the Exhibition Fees
Release of the Floor Plan and Exhibitor Manual
Dispatch of Invitation tikets.
Opening of the website for visitors
Sept. 16 (Mon)
Exhibitor Move-in, Booth Construction
Sept. 17 (Tue)
Exhibitor Move-in, Decoration Setting-Up
Sept. 18 (Wed)
First day of the Exhibition 10:00 - 17:00
Sept. 19 (Thu)
Second day of the Exhibition 10:00 - 17:00
Sept. 20 (Fri)
Third and last day of the Exhibition 10:00 - 17:00
Exhibitor Move-out and Booth Teardown From 17:00


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Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd,
Expo Planning Division, FORESTRISE Organizer

TEL : +81-3-3273-6180

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